Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Sugar Beet ByProducts Feed Cattle

The stacks of bales in GriggsDakota, which seemed so plentiful in the Fall, have been chewed down quickly this Winter. 
 The cattle have been hungry. It takes more energy, hence more feed,  to maintain cattle in extremely cold weather. The weather here has been colder than most of the Winters in recent memory. We are approaching sixty, yes 60 days of subzero Fahrenheit cold this season. 
 Cattleman Jim has had beet tailings hauled into the cattle yard.
Beet tailings are a Sugar Beet ByProduct. Sugar beets are produced and refined in the RedRiver Valley of the North which lies just to the East of GriggsDakota.  Read more about using byproducts by clicking on the link. 
The tailings are not beautiful. They are the trimmings from the beet and also can include damaged portions of beets plus a little dirt. There really does not appear to be dirt in these tailings and they smell like corn silage. They provide about the same nutrition for the cattle as silage would.
It will keep the cows contented and stretch out the hay crop. 
As we live through the cold day by day in GriggsDakota.

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  1. How do you get out and about when it is that cold for that long? Goodness...