Tuesday, February 25, 2014

A Winter Drive

It is possible to be alone without being lonely, 
But there is comfort in numbers. 
Especially on a windy Winter afternoon. 
The day was beautiful to look at. 
 And the bluster didn't amount to much.
For some unknown reason, I was struck again by the lone trees that grow randomly on the open plains. 
The snow is grainy as it blows around on this cold afternoon. 
There are birds hiding in the shelter of the pine trees, a flock I think. Birds get lonely. 
 They are able to find enough to eat without human help.
 It doesn't take much shelter for the wildlife that lives through our Winters.
 I don't see anything, but I know there are critters enduring or enjoying the Winter.
Their tracks are on the snow. 
 The cold wind is still howling and will for weeks to come, but we all know...
The sun is racing back to GriggsDakota.

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