Friday, January 10, 2014

Through the Cold, Work Continues

 Only if the wind is blowing the wind chill to very dangerous levels does the grain hauling stop in GriggsDakota. Work on the farm continues.
The livestock chores are done daily, no matter the weather. 
The guys are finishing a bin of corn, hauling it to the elevator. They are using the grain vacuum today to clean out the bottom of the bin. 
The temperatures are moderating. They rose overnight and are forecast to continue on an upward trend. To accomplish the temperature change, the South wind has gone to work howling over the frozen ground. It doesn't matter how the warm up happens, we are glad to let Winter and the North wind rest a bit. We are supposed to get back to average or maybe just a bit above.
 One of the men is in the bin managing the hose, another is watching the load to keep it even and pull the truck forward as needed. The vacuum works like a giant household model, sucking the corn from the bin and into the machine. The grain is then moved up through the pipe on top of the vacuum and dropped into the truck. 
This is a wonderful machine. It eliminates hours of back breaking shoveling and is much safer.
As the truck heads down the road, the tractor pulls out from the bale yard. Everyone eats every day in GriggsDakota.

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