Thursday, January 9, 2014

That Tree

We live near that tree. Sometimes it takes my breath away with its beauty.
In a flat land trees are needed for art and science.
 Trees catch snow, that's science. Snow stopped by the trees doesn't block roads and melts more slowly in the Spring. 
Trees provide a moment of beauty, that's art. The evergreen tree provides a reminder of life on the frozen plains whether outdoors
 or indoors. Whether real
or artificial. Just a moment of art.
 We live near that tree. Sometimes it makes me feel like a girl again. 
We could climb it. Older brother first so he can reach back and pull me up at the difficult spots. Younger brother whining behind me because I won't reach back to help him. I am not strong enough and we both would tumble down, but I never admit that aloud.
Spring trees make us feel strong and optimistic.
Some bloom.
And Spring brings dreams of fruit. Of course, on the plains our climate is harsh and if Spring relaxes for a night the dream will not come to fruition.
 But we never stop dreaming
or planting trees.
 I see that tree every day. When you plant a tree, you are planting a dream. You might plant a dreamy tree like that tree. 
During hot harvest afternoons we ate a sandwich and cookies, then washed it down with lemonade and coffee in the shade of a tree. We were a family working together, the trees provided cool shade for a rest. They listened to our stories and kept our secrets.
Summer trees are glorious. A tough old tree adapts to the Summer season, sometimes not leafing out until the first of June and turning golden on the last days of August. Other times leafing out a month earlier and holding its green a month longer. They take what they get and fulfill their purpose as best they can.
It's easy to appreciate the courage of trees on the plains.
 Trees stand guard, more faithful than any soldier,
Season after season.
And the seasons continually change out here, in an instant and without warning. Science has not caught up to the whims of weather on the plains.  
Wild temperature swings are common and extremes are the norm. Yet the unpredictable weather does not get the best of the trees.
 Trees can provide that little bit of extra that birds and beasts need to survive.
The trees offer food and shelter for anyone who passes by during their lifetime.
Firewood after death.
We are warm this Winter.
I never tire of that tree in GriggsDakota.


  1. Great post. I love "that tree" at your place. So beautiful and bold. I can't help but think of some of my favorite trees I had growing up. One that my sisters and I built a tepee around, one that I had a private hiding spot in, one that I "adopted" from my parents when I was in Girl Scouts and one that grew sideways and you could walk up from the truck to the top because of it. I didn't realize I had so many "tree" memories!

  2. I believe I could show you the exact trees in a few of your pics :). 1KellyG