Friday, January 17, 2014

February Farmer Fred Award: Sundog Dazzle

Without further explanation we present the February choice.
The February 2013 Farmer Fred award is presented to:
Sundog Dazzle
originally published February 14, 2013
It was a spectacular morning in GriggsDakota.
 The day was windy, but not windy enough to reduce visibility.
 And it was cold outside with temperatures stuck below zero all day giving us a -40 degree windchill.
The combination of clear skies and icy temperatures resulted in the most spectacular sun dogs that I have seen in a long time. Scientifically referred to as a parhelion, they appear as a circular structure around the sun.
A sundog is like a winter rainbow, but the colors are usually less defined. They only appear in GriggsDakota when it is very cold and are often not a visible circle. 
Today the circle was complete. 
My fingers are stiff and freezing as I snap photos in the bitter wind.
I felt the promise of a rainbow on the coldest morning of the year.
 We have a bit of a mess on the ground this morning.
There is lots of snow to move before the soybeans can be hauled out. 
The sky brings inspiration to GriggsDakota.

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  1. Amazing! I've never seen sun dogs form such a complete circle. Thanks for sharing this photo (again).