Friday, January 31, 2014

Farmer Fred Award July 2013: The Chipper

What is a romantic gift? It seems the list could be very long. Often, the gift needs to be as unique as the romance and so, it was this year in GriggsDakota.
The July Farmer Fred Award is presented to:
The Chipper
originally published on July 16, 2013
 Romantic gifts take many forms in GriggsDakota and so it was with the chipper. Farmer Fred and I celebrated our wedding anniversary with the purchase of a Salsco Wood Chipper. We agreed that it was perfect, though for very different reasons. He saw it as a tool to keep  branches out of the way of machinery. I saw the opportunity for an abundance of wood chips as a welcome addition to our gardens. But, as is typical on farms and ranches, what began as a dream quickly degenerated in sweaty work.
There was evidence of trimming on the trees by the trail. 
As I came around the corner, I expected to hear a knocking roar in the distance, but there was only birdsong and silence. 
There was plenty of fodder for the chipper. 
And some beautiful wood chips already in the trailer. 
There were three frustrated men working on the chipper in our 85 degree sunshine. 
Perhaps they fed it more than it could chew. 
 But there were tools at hand.
The process of fixing had already begun. 
  A broken sheer pin was the problem.
Soon the chipping had begun again. 
Bill, who is the chief volunteer at the Aneta Community Orchard, is pleased to have a ready source of wood chips. 
 They surpress weed growth in areas where mowing is difficult.
So we hope many people will benefit from our anniversary purchase. 
You just never know where romance will take you in GriggsDakota.

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