Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Shutting Down the Corn Drying

 In the big world, our farm is less than a speck.
But it is nearly the entire world that we live in. 
 Today the world is rejoicing as we complete the corn drying for another season.
There will no longer be steam rising out of the grain dryer as it gently heats the corn to release the excess moisture in each kernel. 
The wet corn goes into the grain dryer at the top. 
The dry corn comes out at the bottom where it travels up the auger and into the grain cart. 
From the grain cart it will be transferred to its storage bin by truck.  
As I stand in the steamy cold air, I notice the ground is covered with something we call bees wings. 
In truth the debris on the snow from the cob of corn. It is loose and blows away from the grain as it is transferred to and from the dryer. 
It marks our tracks as we move the equipment away from the dryer site. The is the real date that we complete our harvest in GriggsDakota. It feels like Christmas!

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