Tuesday, December 3, 2013

"Only the Rocks Live Forever"

There will always be rocks on the land around here. I hope there will always be farmers to move them to an out of the way spot or bury them off the field. 
This rock looks like a bench for two complete with a path leading up to it. 
 It looks as if deer have passed by on their way to food or water, but did not stop to sit and rest.
 Here is a cozy couple.
 When the crops and grass die down around the rocks, they become the ornaments of the season on the edge of the fields.
The colorful and the drab combine in random beauty. 
It was James Michener who used the phrase in his book Centennial. The miniseries, based on the book used the phrase to title an episode. It had a long lasting impact on me. I had always loved the rocks of our land and remember studying the big rock on the photo above while riding by it each day on the school bus. It has a beautiful spot on which to live forever.
 Still, I wouldn't ever want to live forever in one spot.
 As much as I love it, I couldn't give up the option to walk away from GriggsDakota.


  1. I love your blog; and rocks are cool; espically big ones; but your title is wrong. Jesus said in John 11:26 "Everyone who lives in me and believes in me will never die." (NLT). I hope you know this and know Him. Have a wonderful Christmas. Marc.

  2. My grandparents swear sometimes that they are rock farmers. One of the earliest tasks I had working on the farm was to go around and pick rocks out of the field. Every year there were more and more rocks. Where the hell do they come from?! I just cleaned out that area last year! haha