Monday, December 9, 2013

It's Now Winter's Day

We have moved into deep cold weather. Winter hit us with a blast on the day that we finished combining corn. 
Now the temperatures leave no room for doubt, Winter is here to stay. We still have corn to dry, but that must wait for a warmer day. 
It feels sudden to me, wasn't this just green? 
The Fall was long, by North Dakota standards and we made use of every day it stuck around.
Now the snow fence is back on the job. 
It helps keep snow from accumulating around the bins, but snow is sneaky. 
When snow falls in extreme cold and wind it becomes like a dry powdery dust that forms rock hard drifts. It takes bashing into the drifts with a blade or grinding them up with a large snowblower mounted on a tractor to move snow drifts after this snow fall. 
The field work is done for the season, most of the equipment is stored away. 
It is now Winter's day in GriggsDakota.


  1. We had sun dogs here, too, this morning, and my husband is out clearing snow with the tractor and blade. So glad to hear you've finished the corn.