Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Fizzy Bath Ball Instructions

It is almost Christmas and Fizzy Bath Balls would make good gifts.
 The recipes that I followed while making these are on the links provided. Yesterday was Recipe one. Some of the basic techniques for this project are in that post, so if you are going to make Fizzy Bath Balls, I recommend reading that post first. Recipe Two tells us How to Make Foaming Bath Bombs.To be honest, all three recipes that I tried foam adequately. 
The recipe calls for sea salt or Epsom salt. They are not the same thing. Canning salt is much cheaper and has the same elements as sea salt. That works. But I bought a big bag of Epsom Salt at Walmart because it seemed more likely to be soothing to human skin. 
I used genuine citric acid which I purchased on Ebay. It was a little lumpy. I used a rolling pin to break up lumps while it was still in the bag. 
I measured Baking Soda, Citric Acid and Epsom Salts, then combined it in the mixing bowl.
I used a wooden spoon to break up any remaining lumps and mixed the dry ingredients. 
Then in a flash of daring, I added some Root Beer Concentrate that was too old to use in food. 
Maybe that is why it never really worked into the dry ingredients like it should have.
The Foaming Bath Bomb Recipe call for Witch Hazel instead of water to hold the mixture together. I measured a spray from my bottle and found it to be a scant 1/4 teaspoon. That way I could calculate the amount of liquid I was adding to the mixture.
I decided to turn this into chocolate chip cupcakes. I put a surprise of popping candy into the middle of each. 
I made a batch of Recipe One without scent to use as frosting. That recipe was moistened with water which set off the candy. Bad addition number two. The way to make this work is with less liquid. As my mother has told me a thousand times: "Follow the recipe."
But the creative juices take control and ...
I waited awhile and inverted the pan. Nothing happened. So I loosened each Cupcake Bath Bomb with a knife and gently lifted them out.
The cupcakes looked fine. We'll throw them in the bath, but I wish they were white. No more impulsive additions in my cupcake bath balls. As these beauties cured, they flattened and cracked. The good news is that the fizzle is fine. 
I feel the way that I did the first time I made real cupcakes. Far from the gourmet treat I envisioned, but edible. The bath cupcakes, though inedible, work fine in the tub. 
Moving on...
 Recipe Three is How to Make an Elegant Bath Bomb.
I bought raw cocoa butter online. It is available on Amazon and Ebay. It is also available at most
 drug stores. Ask your pharmacist.
The recipe calls for olive oil, but canola oil or whatever will work. To melt the cocoa butter I put it in a cup with the oil and heated it in the microwave. The hot oil melts the cocoa butter, but not instantly. It took a few minutes to melt the chunks after the oil was hot. Do not overheat the oil. A bit of patience yields the desired result.
I again used my mixer to mix the dry ingredients which include: baking soda, citric acid, corn starch, Epsom salts, and powdered milk. I stopped the mixer to scrape the bowl a few times being sure to get to the bottom of the bowl. Keep the mixer speed at the lowest setting. Then drip in your oil/water mixture and mix well. I added 1/2 teaspoon almond extract to the water for extra fragrance.
I wanted these to be elegant so I pressed them into cookie cutters. To finish the sides of the bath cookies, I found a dry rag with a waffle pattern. I laid the filled cookie cutter on the cloth. 
 Then folded the cloth over the top and pressed it firmly between the waffle layers imprinting the design into the bath cookie.
I made a second batch of this recipe and colored it pink. I scooped the mixture with a tart pan. 
 Pressing it firmly against the side of the pan as I slid it to the top of the bowl.
A waffle pattern is pressed into the top. 
These were very successful. I lined my counter with parchment paper and these elegant bath cookies and bath tarts are drying before I package them into air tight bags.

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