Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Snug and Warm

 Fall has lost its color in GriggsDakota. The leaves are on the ground and blown away.
I noticed that critters have been digging by the side of the trail.
This field produced soybeans this season and evidently provides a food source for wildlife. 
 I started to wonder about all the animals who survive on what the earth yields.
They spend the warm seasons raising young and eating, then they grow a heavy coat, and dig a deep hole. 
When the work is done, the animals crawl in and sleep the Winter away. 
 At least I think they are sleeping, or soon will be.
In the Summer grass grows up around these holes and they have caused many a stumble. I once went down into one and as I quickly pulled my foot out I heard a hissing growl. That day I was thankful to be wearing boots. 
 The digging around this hole looks like a small mountain on the flat land.
 If only the digging varmints would plant flags  to warn us of the danger.
Or perhaps they could devise a do not disturb symbol.
I am glad that I am above the ground enjoying the last of our Fall weather. 
  And looking forward to what the Winter will bring.
Which we hope will include a long Winter's nap for everyone in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Yes, those holes can be nasty. I was raking hay with a Farmall C about 55 years ago in Eagle, Idaho; I turned to dodge one badger hole but the front wheel fell in another and snapped the yoke, which then proceeded to rip a gash in the oil pan.