Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Inside the Seed, There Might Be A Tree

Maybe it is because I know that my Grandpa planted this tree from a seed. I remember this tree growing in an old coffee can half full of garden dirt.
 Whatever the reason, it is unlikely that I will pass seeds from trees without picking a few and putting them in my pocket. I take them home, fold a wet paper towel in thirds and lay the seeds about two inches apart on the towel. I fold the towel, carefully put it in a sandwich bag and place it in the refrigerator drawer with the fruit.
I always forget about it. After a few weeks, I rediscover it, as I did these. I wonder what in the world is in this bag and why is it in the back of the fruit drawer. Then I remember and plant the sprouted seeds into soil.
These are mementoes of my nephew's graduation from high school, gathered from the berm across the street from his graduation celebration. The rest that started are from Grandpa's tree. I brought them into the porch to give them extra time to establish roots and whatever else they need before shedding all of their leaves. I plan to move them to a cooler spot, but one where their roots won't freeze.
A tree growing from a seed brings hope for the future in GriggsDakota.

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