Monday, November 18, 2013

Family, Food, Farming...

The combine is still getting out of the shed every day. We are not at the end, but we can see the end from where we are.   
Weekends bring experienced help from family. 
Field Hand Joe can grease the combine with his eyes shut. 
 Robbie can grease the combine with a smile on his face.
The days have been getting colder as harvest progresses, but Winter has not taken hold. We hope that by end of the week we will be putting the harvesting equipment away.  
Instructions from Farmer Fred are always kindly received. 
The corn harvest is hanging in there, but so are we. 
One day at a time, we work to finish the season.  
Family, food, farming...
We enjoy the present in GriggsDakota.


  1. May you stay warm, safe and finish soon!

  2. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of growing up in Briggs County! Stay safe throughout the harvest season.