Friday, November 8, 2013

Deer Hunting Season, and we are still Combining

When deer hunting season begins, we like to be done with harvest. 
 This year we are still harvesting corn.
We have only one combine working in the corn fields.
That is because the corn is not coming out of the fields at safe storage moisture. Most of what we have combined has had to be dried in our grain dryer. 
 This season has been a winding road. 
 With deer gun hunting season starting at noon today, friends and family are eagerly returning for a little adventure.
 There is more traffic on the roads in GriggsDakota on this day than any other in the year. Cattleman Jim has emptied the Summer Pastures.
The cattle will be grazing on corn ground close to home. 
There is a little snow in the forecast for the weekend, which makes tracking easier for hunters.
That is, if the hunters find any deer.
Which is the anticipated challenge in GriggsDakota.

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