Monday, November 4, 2013

Corn Harvest Underway

There is still a long road of harvest ahead, with all of the corn in the field. 
It has frozen hard and we are hoping that will help to dry the kernels on the cobs down somewhat. 
 Corn prices have fallen and propane prices have risen. Propane is what is used to dry corn that is too wet to store safely, but there is an economic consideration this year. The cost of drying the corn must be considered as a part of the cost of production. If the corn is too wet when we combine it, the profit will be burned up by the cost of propane used to dry it down to safe storage level.
Most of the cobs have tipped and the corn has dried down somewhat. Now that it is November, we do not expect temperatures warm enough to dry the corn very much. November is typically a cloudier, cold month. If we do get warm sunshine and a breeze, it is a bonus.
 There are great clouds of blackbirds in the area. I have seen flocks so large that it is impossible to see them all at the same time. Birds are doing damage to the corn.
Corn is the last crop in the fields. 
So we will keep the wheels turning and hope Jack Frost doesn't bring a snowstorm to GriggsDakota.

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