Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Corn Harvest Continues

 We are chewing away at the corn crop.
We have enjoyed the assistance of the Ag Analyst. 
She has learned that the combine's buddy seat is much more comfortable when she remembers to bring a bag of lunch along.
The corn has been very slow to dry down. A warm sunny afternoon can bring it down a point, but a cloudy damp night can take it right back up. 
 The grain cart, on this day with our favorite driver, takes the corn to a truck. Most of it then goes through our dryer, but some has been hauled to the elevator and some has been dry enough to go into an air bin.
The grain could come off the field faster if it were dry, but the drying process will keep us in the field for quite a while. We are glad that there is a crop out here to harvest.
As we continue to count our blessings in GriggsDakota. 

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