Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Unexpected Traffic

There has been another rain delay, we are hoping we miss the snow. That will be a recurring theme from now on as we work and wait to bring in the harvest. 
It is great to live in a neighborhood. 
 It's true that the neighborhood is pretty wide open. This morning it seemed as if I would have this lonely drive all to myself until I saw this friendly trio that caused me to pull over and let them pass.
 Our neighbors are in relatively the same situation that we are in, harvesting as soon as conditions are dry enough and continuing until darkness brings back the dew.
A friendly wave on a morning like this brings a smile to both of us. 
 The truck drivers will catch a ride home in the pickup truck. Their next trip out to the field will be in the combines.
Because combining is what we need to get done in the neighborhoods of GriggsDakota.

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