Monday, October 28, 2013

The Power Lines

 I don't recall anyone ever saying to me that there was a new power line going up and they were very excited about the possibilities it presented.
Quite the opposite is true. We see the poles and lines as an intrusion on the beautiful landscape. We take electricity for granted. It seems like one of our inalienable rights.
And yet, I am pretty sure that when  Rural Electrification put up poles and lines to the farms of my great grandparents and grandparents, they were excited about the possibilities those lines were bringing. The lines were appreciated and looked upon favorably.
We are an energy state now, with energy possibilities for our country. 
 So I decided to try to see the power lines in new ways.
I decided to appreciate the rusty red color of the poles and how it complimented the yellow sunshine, the blue sky and the green colors of the ground. Although I know these structures have caused strife and heartbreak for individuals, I want to believe in the greater good of our nation.
I spent a moment appreciating the linear beauty of the lines against the sky. Who will this energy benefit? Will there be better jobs, more certain electricity for my fellow citizens in cities that I may never visit? In North Dakota, as the energy industry takes over, life is changing hard and fast. 
It is not easy for agriculture, but it is of benefit to our state and nation in countless ways.
I am doing my best to see things, as my grandparents did, with optimism. Life is full of possibilities in GriggsDakota and all across the country.

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