Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Soybean Harvest Begins

Under the October sky I could see combines raising dust on the horizon. I was glad they were ours. 
 There are miles and miles of soybeans to combine.
 Most are just about ready, despite the lack of a hard freeze.
 The ones we have tested, which are our driest fields, are at or a little above 13.5% moisture. 
 Farmers have gone from field to field testing and then moving on to another spot where it might be drier.
The flex head lays on the ground as it cuts the beans as near to the soil as it can.
Especially this year, which was very dry during the soybean growing season, the best soybeans are near the bottom of the plant. 
 Most of our soybean crop will be worthwhile to combine. There are soybeans in the field which is what we hoped for as we watched the vines wilt last Summer. 
Farmer Fred is not expecting a bumper crop, but something is always better than nothing for a farmer combining his field. 
So we will travel all the miles, round and round and back and forth until the soybeans are in the bin in GriggsDakota.

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