Thursday, October 10, 2013

Orange Cats

 I have a few things in common with the old woman who lived in a shoe, although I have never lived in a shoe and I know quite a lot about what to do with children.
 The old woman and I have the "don't know what to do" in common, however, mine is so many orange cats.
There was a chubby little kitten yowling near the area where I was working in the yard.  
His mother was probably out hunting, but he soon decided that I might be his mother. I went inside and grabbed a few packets of half and half cream. He was interested. 
It was yummy as he licked and slurped it out of the container. 
 He cleaned out the can.
The onlookers were jealous, but most of our farm cats are not tame enough to want me to touch them. 
 This guy's mother is our tame cat, so he is used to coming up to the house.
When this girl sneaked onto the deck, I thought it was the Mother Cat, but the white on her face was too much. 
Mother Macy arrived and wondered what all the fuss was about. 
 The kitten was quickly done with the food I had provided.
He had to wait with me while his Mother feasted. Hunting had apparently not been very successful. I think we could use a very large shoe for all the orange cats in GriggsDakota.

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  1. I love orange cats, but maybe you could have Mama spayed? Where I live they do it for free now at our local shelter. I guess it pays off in fewer kittens for them to have to "deal with",