Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Night, Morning and the Time in Between

We've "got the sun in the morning and the moon at night," as the song says, but occasionally we have a few moments in between. It is not really night, as the light shines over the horizon, but not quite morning as the moon hasn't hidden from the day.
 Farmer Fred is checking the fluids and washing the windshield on his favorite truck. 
It is loaded with barley. Notice that the truck box is not wearing a tarp.  
Nor is the trailer behind it. As you can see, both are full boxes of barley as they head out of the yard, but Farmer Fred has a plan. 
He lets the load settle in the box as he drives toward the highway.
When he gets to the corner, he pulls off to the side and grabs the shovel. 
The tarp is rolled up along the top side of the truck box. Farmer Fred will level things off. 
After that is accomplished, he rolls out the tarp, first on the trailer.
Then he rolls out and fastens the truck tarp. 
 He and his shovel jump back into the truck.
They round the corner on their way to the Busch Elevator, which I fondly call the Castle, with another load of barley. 
The lights are on, the load is secure, the guys at the elevator are expecting the trucks today. 
Just as he starts down the highway, the sun pops up to join the day in GriggsDakota.


  1. It's neat how you just capture all these photos without us (the readers) ever realizing we aren't actually there! And that you got up and went with to do it!
    Such fun!

  2. i like the tarp roller. big trucks, better ways of doing things. but i remember letting the load settle before tarping. funny how the little things are still there in my mind.
    bless you and your today.