Tuesday, October 1, 2013

AdFarm: Soybeans Approved

The AdFarm Soybean field is ripening. 
It has had its final inspection and has been approved for harvest as seed soybeans.  
Despite the fact that we have not had a frost, some sections of the field have ripe looking plants in it. 
The pods are dry and crack open easily. 
Inside the pod, the soybeans vary. A fully dry soybean will be small, round and hard. A bite of these tells that they are not dry, but doughy. 
Some areas in the field have not dropped their leaves. 
They contain green soybean plants. 
These beans are still as green as vegetables. 
 A hard freeze, which will happen soon, now that we are into October. will stop plant growth for the season and the soybeans will begin to dry down. 
It is good to know that the AsGrow 0231 variety of Soybeans are OK to Harvest as Seed in the fields of GriggsDakota.

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