Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AdFarm 2013 Seed Soybeans Harvested

Although the temperature was hovering around 35 degrees Fahrenheit, there was dust in the air. 
Soybean harvest is moving again. 
This is the moment that AdFarmers have been waiting for all season. 
 This is the day the AdFarm field will be combined.
AdFarmers, remember that you really don't have a crop until it is in the bin. Until it is sold, the carries the heavy burden of potential, but no promises of profit.
 Farmer Fred pulled onto the field from the North side after finishing a nearby field.
 The landing outside of the cab's door is littered with soybean leaves, vines and trash. The cold weather seems out of place in a field with a combine, but that will be the way harvest plays out from here, I believe.
Inside the warm combine cab, we get a bird's eye view of the soybeans as they are cut and enter the machine. 
The sickle cuts, the reel pushes them in as it turns. The machine gathers and folds the cut plants toward the center of the platform where they enter the machine to be separated. Beans are saved to the combine's hopper, the remaining plant material is removed through the back of the machine. 
Farmer Fred hears a warning sound and stops the combine to make a couple of adjustments. 
 He opens the rock trap and releases its contents to the ground.
This season, the soybeans did not grow tall. To conserve their moisture, the beans were produced near the bottom of the plant and shielded by the plant's leaves. As the combine header skims the ground, it often picks up rocks. Operators must remain vigilant in order to avert breakdowns. 
Also the result of flying too close to the ground, he cleans mud from his sickle. 
The beans are not quite dry. 
They will be placed in an air bin where air will circulate through them to assist in dry down.  
We hope to have enough heat left in the season to accomplish the drying for the seed soybeans, but that remains to be seen. 
Attention AdFarmers! It is official, you have a 2013 crop of seed soybeans in GriggsDakota

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