Thursday, October 3, 2013

A Parking Lot for Witches

 This is the time of year when it is handy to have a parking place for witches' brooms. After all, Halloween is at the end of this month. I published this idea last year and used six new brooms for the parking lot. We left it unlit, and made up stories in the dark with the Farm Inspector and Ag Analyst as we sat on the porch or nearby deck. It was fun, but I would like lights, especially at the bottom of the tree. We insist on leaving the top of the tree open for the convenience of passing witches. You never know what will be parked there in the witching hours.
Plenty of brooms are handy to have in GriggsDakota, because you never know who will be willing to use one during bin cleaning. The brooms have found their way to duty in GriggsDakota, but could be reclaimed. Old worn out brooms might even be witchier. 
 I decided to buy a few extra brooms and set up a Parking Lot for Witches in the back by the lake. 
 I started with wooden handled brooms, a drill, and wire. 
I drilled a hole through the broom handle near the top and close to the bottom of the handle. Then I strung one end of a piece of wire (about 2-3 feet long, depending on the tree branches) through each hole and twisted the wire to secure it to the broom handle. 
I had some old fabric in a bag from long ago Halloween Celebrations when my children were very spooky. I thought it might catch a witch's eye, so I tied it on and looped it through the wire. 
 Using an old ball, an old sheet, a permanent marker to make the eyes, and wire to hold it together and hang it from the tree, I made a ghost. Witches like to have a ghost to guard their brooms in the parking lot. Other Halloween accessories would be nice, as well, especially pumpkins for color, but be sure that they are securely fastened in the tree!
I used a ladder, but know that the witches will want all the choice parking spaces near the top of the tree for themselves. They can have them. 
When I was finished, the brooms were very securely wired onto the tree. Despite our rainy and windy days, not a broom has blown down.
The ghostly attendant is guarding the Parking Lot for Witches in GriggsDakota.

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