Friday, September 20, 2013

Winter Wheat Planted

 The geese have been hanging around on the stubble fields. Local geese will be here until all the water freezes.
We have finished planting our Winter Wheat in Griggs Dakota. 
USA Today published a story on climate change that featured North Dakota. There seems to be evidence that during the last forty years warmer temperatures have occurred during North Dakota's growing season. There is less wheat being raised here and more corn and soybeans. That is true. It is in part due to the shorter season varieties that have been introduced. 
But, forty years within millions of years is not evidence for me to panic. North Dakota has archeological evidence that leads me to believe climate change is an ongoing phenomenon on earth. My favorite example is North Dakota's Petrified Forest. We once had gigantic trees growing in North Dakota and huge stumps that have petrified, turned to stone, still exist today as proof that once there was a very different climate here.
Of course, no one really understands causes of climate change or if permanent climate change is taking place. The entire topic is politically charged. I will let scientists work on the situation. 
The good news is that the Winter Wheat is all planted and ready to grow in GriggsDakota.

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  1. LOVE your posts, and dedication to the farming profession :) blessings from the fine state of Nebraska... keep the wheat going..
    deb s. Gi NE