Thursday, September 19, 2013

Still Flowers on the CRP

We planted the CRP Pollinator Mix and this lonely dragon fly still seems to be working. The flowery mix was a seed option that we couldn't resist when reseeding this ground in the Conservation Reserve Program.
Mr. Dragon Fly might be alone today as the bees seem to have all gone home with their store of pollen. There are hives nearby and I am sure that the cool air and lack of sunshine, sent them to their hives. The pollinator mix is planted in support of honey bees. There are three beekeepers with hives in GriggsDakota and we want the bees to have successful seasons.
We clipped the acres earlier in the Summer to keep the thistles from going to seed. The beautiful flowers came back, but most likely will not mature before they freeze. We are free to enjoy their beauty because the thistle's function as an extremely noxious weed is limited. 
 The CRP was like a breath of Summer sunshine.
On a cloudy September day in GriggsDakota.

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