Monday, September 30, 2013

September Leaves Leaves

Today is the last day of September. 
September is leaving. 
And it is leaving leaves. 
 This is not always the case.
This year September did not freeze. 
A few leaves have jumped off branches of their own accord. 
Others have dried out and been blown around in our brisk breezes. 
 We needed September Summer weather to finish our crops.
But, after the seasons of Spring and Summer, we did not expect September to leave with no freeze. 
We planted our late season crops very late. 
We still have work to do. 
We feel the temperatures cooling and the land preparing for the Winter ahead. 
As the sun sets on September, we move on to a second season of harvest in GriggsDakota.


  1. What beautiful country ! Way greener than Wise County Texas ! I really enjoy following your family !

  2. I agree! If I weren't a Texan through and through, I would want to call home in North Dakota!!!
    Those trees are AMAZING....Keep those photos coming!!!