Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Moving Grain from Air Bins

We combined the barley last August when the moisture was slightly over the 13.5% necessary for safe storage. We put the barley into air bins and let the Summer air blow it dry. 
Now that the barley is dry, we need to get it out of the air bins as we prepare to harvest soybeans and corn. 
It is loaded into the trucks using a grain vacuum. 
The machine vacuums the grain from the bin and moves it up to the truck. There is a man in the bin who makes sure the hose is filling and all is operating as it should. 
 When these bins are emptied of barley, they will be cleaned and ready for what comes next.
It's a short haul, to move it from one bin site to another on this beautiful September day.
The barley will be kept in bins without air systems until the elevator gives us the green light to haul it in. Never fear, there will be beer, and some of the barley comes from GriggsDakota.

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