Tuesday, September 3, 2013

AdFarm Soybean Update

We had some rain last week and found time to go out and check the AdFarm soybean field. The soybean plants have been trying to shield themselves from the sun by turning the backs of their leaves up. This gives the field a spiked look as the leaf tips are more visible. Today  the field looks more relaxed. 
A little rain helped Farmer Fred relax, too. He was encouraged by what he found in the field. 
There are pods on the plants.
Where the plants have canopied, there are an average amount of soybeans sheltered by the leaves. 
There are plants where the growth has stopped. The plant has stopped sending nutrients to the blossoms, Those plants will not produce more beans. 
That is not the case throughout the field. Some plants are still productive. 
On this plant it appears that the blossoms and the top beans have been cut off from moisture and nutrients. 
But here the blossom is still producing beans. 
There is some leaf damage from grasshoppers, but it has not been at a level that would require intervention. 
This field looks as good as any I have seen this year. How will it end up? Rain, temperatures and frost date will all have their say before we can answer that question. 
As you know by now, we won't have a crop from this field in GriggsDakota until the soybeans is in the bin.

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