Friday, August 23, 2013

To Bin or not to Bin?

A crane on our grain bin site gets my attention. 
When is the right time to put up a bin. The answer is when you really need it, but to be sure of that need Farmer Fred would need to be clairvoyant. Bins must be ordered before the crop is even in the ground. So we wonder...Should we build a bin? 
Even when the bin is ordered early, it takes the cooperation of many to have it ready by harvest. Despite its simple design, a bin is a complex unit of cement, steel, and electricity. Plus the obvious, it requires a crane to build one.
The bins we build are equipped with fans that are capable of drying down grain that is harvested a few percentage points above safe storage moisture levels. It means that our combines can start a few days earlier. Since our barley is grown on contract, if it comes off the combine dry, it could be hauled directed to the Busch Elevator if there is room for it. 
Farmer Fred added up the ifs and decided to build one more bin. The crane spent a day holding up the roof as the bin grew ring by ring from the ground up. 
Now it is full of damp barley being dried with the air system in GriggsDakota.

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