Monday, August 26, 2013

Geese on Barley Stubble

 The Canada geese are enjoying their meals on the barley stubble.
They must pick up kernels from the ground as surely nothing has sprouted since we finished combining. 
We have too many geese that call our fields home. 
They destroy part of our crop and every crop in the area each year. 
When they gather on the stubble, it feels like Fall. 
 The geese can all fly now, young and old cackle and beat their wings as I approach. The young have grown feathers for flight and their parents have finished their season of molting. Fresh feathers are in place for migration which will take place when our land and water freezes over.
Earlier in the Summer, the geese would waddle to the water for protection. Now they fly high above the nearby wheat field. The wheat is ready to combine now. 
Farmers are moving machines from field to field, harvesting wheat. 
The weather is hot and muggy. 
The rain has stayed away. 
As days fly by in GriggsDakota.

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