Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finishing Winter Wheat

This is by far the latest date on which we have combined Winter Wheat. We will move on and combine some Spring Wheat next. The difference between the two is as clear as their names. Winter Wheat is planted in the Fall when it sprouts. It remains dormant, but lives through the Winter, then grows and matures the following season. Spring Wheat grows from Spring through Summer and harvest is in full swing at this time.
  The Winter Wheat is not quite dry, so is being hauled to an air bin. The weather has been hot, but beautiful with very little wind this week. Any moisture that is lost is being baked out, not blown away as is so often the case in our area.
 Farmer Fred has a straight head with an air reel on his Case IH 7088 combine.
The head cuts and the reel turns as it folds the wheat into the machine where it is threshed. 
The wheat goes to the combine's hopper, the machine's grain holding tank, which you see as the black rim at the top of the combine. The hopper holds 300 bushels of grain.
 The excess straw and hulls are chopped and spread out  through the rear of the combine. 
 Returning straw, which results in organic matter being added to the soil, is an important part of maintaining soil vitality. 
The Winter Wheat crop is now in the bin. We are watching for rain clouds on the horizon of GriggsDakota.

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