Thursday, August 22, 2013

Finishing Barley, Moving On

 Today we will finish combining barley.  
The barley is mostly in the bin now and it has been cleared as malting barley. The seed barley looks to be good quality, as well. But most of the barley that has been harvested was above safe storage moisture percentage of 13.5%,  so it is in air bins. It has been a weird season.
 Or as the AgAnalyst would say, "Wee-owd."
 The ground is dry, but the humidity is high and mornings bring dew. It is only in the last couple of days that we have been able to combine with straight heads and put the swathers away. The straw gets tough early, so the days have been short for this time of year.
The guys have gone over the barley stubble with the Salford RTS
When running the Salford, the field is covered at a 45 degree angle to the stubble line.  That opens the soil slightly and gives optimum opportunity for the machine to chop the straw.
The Concord Air Till Drill is seeding Cover Crop on the right of the above photo, the Salford is on the left. The land is large. 
After the Salford pass cuts through the surface trash and into the ground slightly, the field is ready to seed. 
 The planting is done at less of an angle than the cut made by the Salford. This allows the drill to pass through the surface debris.
Today this field will go to the bin and we will have a barley crop. 
Finishing a crop always feels like a major accomplishment.  
But I'm sure we will find more to do in GriggsDakota.

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