Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Combining Rained Out

 It had been gray all day, but we didn't expect to get wet, even when the first sprinkles started to fall.
 However, it doesn't take many drops to stop the combines when they are harvesting wheat.
The combines were followed closely by our truck, Sterling Onyx. To read about his first day on the job click here.
There was a hold up in the progress as the parade made its way into the cover of the shed. 
Knowing that there is a door on the other end, Jake and the grain cart drive through. 
The sprinkles continued through the afternoon hours. 
By late afternoon, the field was soggy on top, but not soaked. 
 There were raindrops clinging to the wheat.
They looked to me like tears of joy. 
 My great uncle used to tell us that we couldn't count rainfall unless it measured more than a quarter of an inch during August. August is a thirsty month and it took that much to get down into the ground to do any good, he thought.
But, we are not going to quibble this year. We will happily take every drop in GriggsDakota.

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