Thursday, August 8, 2013

Clipping CRP

The Conservation Reserve Program is a US government program that accepts certain farmland and turns it into a specifically formulated grassland. To learn more visit the USDA site.
It has become a favorite of wildlife enthusiasts.
CRP provides areas for birds to nest and wildlife to coexist with farmers. 
 It is often marginally productive as farmland, that is prone to erosion by wind or water. 
Farmer Fred told me to follow the mown path into the CRP. 
In wet years, this has been too wet to access and clip. 
But this year is not wet, so Farmer Fred is mowing down the weeds before they go to seed. 
We don't need to raise weeds, at least not on purpose.  
 By August the birds have left the nest. The ducks and geese moved to water. The wild life is able to leave the area when noise enters the vicinity.
It is safe to run the mower over the weedy spots. 
There are marshy spots on this ground where caution must be used.
The CRP acres will all be able to be clipped this year to accomplish maximum weed control. 
 As Summer wanes in GriggsDakota.

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  1. It's so odd to hear you say that summer is waining...I think most of us (in the South) grew up thinking that harvest wasn't until October...and then Summer was over.
    It will sure be hot here until (hopefully)October this year....
    Last year it was December...