Friday, August 16, 2013

Barley Harvest Moving Along

 The Farm Inspector has been on the job making big decisions in GriggsDakota.
With the help of her able assistant, Farmer Fred. 
 She heartily approves of the decision to add the CaseIH 7088 to our harvest stable.
The Farm Inspector really appreciates the steps that she can climb all by herself. She is very comfortable when riding in the buddy seat.
We've been able to combine barley this week from late morning until dark. 
 It is dusty everywhere. There has been little wind, so it tends to hang in the air. There has been no rain this week, although there have been little showers in the area. 
 The barley is running well and of very good quality. Part of this year's crop is being raised for seed barley, which of  course, cannot contain sprouted seeds. The rest is raised under contract with Anheuser Busch. Rain would cause the swathed barley to deteriorate quickly. 
So we're combining barley swaths, in need of rain, but not minding too much if it holds off until the combines catch up to the swathers. I guess we'll take what we get in GriggsDakota. 

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