Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Wheat Flowers

 The tiny yellow flecks hanging from the wheat head are its flowers.
They are extremely subtle and difficult to make exciting in a photograph. 
They are necessary in the maturation of the wheat. 
Even from a short distance, the casual observer would pass them by. 
Can you see the yellow flecks hanging from the wheat head? They are flowers. 
Though slightly out of focus, this photo provides the best color contrast between the wheat head and flower.
 The wheat has struggled since it was planted last Fall. We have had weather conditions that are difficult for wheat development: Dry Fall, Cold, open or snowless months of Winter followed by Cold Icy late Winter and Spring, Cold late Spring.
Most of our wheat fields were dug down. Our agronomist advised us that it would not produce a crop.
The wheat is still struggling in GriggsDakota. 

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  1. You may still be able to sell the wheat for livestock feed: