Friday, July 26, 2013

Juneberries in late July

Our favorite summertime berries are ripe.
 We use long nets to protect the row of juneberries from birds and deer. We place it over the berries while they are green and remove it after we have picked our fill.
This year surprised us. The berries are big, juicy and plentiful.
We pick all we can, then share with friends and neighbors when we have a crop like this. We freeze the berries for sauce and pie. 
Grandpa Sonny has experimented with different varieties to see if he can find one that is particularly flavorful. Within our shelterbelt row we have discovered some plants to be more flavorful than others.
 He also has plum trees growing in his specimen row. 
 The plums are still small and green. They will require warm days and sunshine into September.
The juneberries are making our fingers purple as we pick them and our mouths purple as we munch their sweet berries in GriggsDakota.

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