Monday, July 29, 2013

July Matures

We are on the home stretch of Summertime. July has made the world grow up. I used to tell my children that in the Summertime I would throw them into the sunshine and they would grow like weeds. There was truth in that. I didn't notice very much what they wore on Summer days. By the time school was going to start, nothing fit them. We swam and biked and played and worked. When July was over, they had grown. August is a time of paying close attention on the farm, but in July... 
at least when you are a kid, you can just grow with the weeds.
 Cattleman Jim has been mowing hay by the creek.
He has the rake standing by.
 The goose parade has begun. This gaggle crossed the road in front of me. I struggled to ready my camera, as I hit the brakes. They will not fly away.
The goslings are big enough to leave the nest, but cannot fly. The adults are molting and so we don't see geese on the wing, but on parade, either in the water or waddling on land. 
Their destination is nearly always a field of grain which they damage, sometimes extensively.
The geese are very cute, but we have too many of them.
The boys of summer, pelicans, have been hanging around. These are unmated males. Pelicans nest nearby, but not in GriggsDakota. These guys enjoy the Summer with little responsibility. 
It is the time of year when we notice the passage of time. 
There are golden hues of color in the grass.  
We have spacious skies and amber grain and grown up kids in GriggsDakota.

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