Monday, July 8, 2013

Corn Knee High?

It had been over a week since I last visited a corn field with my camera. 
Tradition dictates that corn should be knee high by the Fourth of July. These photos from late June made me wonder if it would make it.
 It needed sunshine and warm weather.
The corn was reaching for the sky, but has a long way to go. 
The Fourth of July Celebration began in GriggsDakota when we saw this field. 
Knee High, no problem. 
The corn has been top dressed with fertilizer and we have had a couple of light rains. If you notice dry spots on the leaves, that is from fertilizer burn and is no problem for the plant. 
 There are varying stages of corn development, it wasn't all planted at the same time. Our temperatures have been in the eighties, nights have stayed warm. That is the kind of Summertime that makes the corn grow.
All the corn in GriggsDakota is knee or higher.

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  1. Interesting photographs - particularly to me here in the UK. When you say 'corn' do you mean sweet corn (maize?) - when we think of corn here we think mainly of wheat. The plants look very healthy.