Friday, July 19, 2013

Barley Turning Golden

As I came around the corner, I was struck by the gold in the barley field.  
The barley seems to be ripening, and not simply drying out. 
 This isn't the greatest barley we have ever raised, but, so far, it is not the worst either. The crop is being rushed by the weather.
There is still a lot of green in the field. A field of grain is usually not as ripe as it looks from the road.  
If the barley was drying out, it would have a whiter appearance as you look over the beards at the top of the plant. Ripening grain is golden.
 If it doesn't rain, in this heat, we will be harvesting the barley in a week or so. The crop is suffering some, perhaps losing quality, but we try not to speculate on the specifics. Farmers have enough to think about.
Barley turning golden in the fields of GriggsDakota is good news for today, and for today that is enough.

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  1. Ugh.... I was hoping to be home full time when the barely harvest happened!