Wednesday, July 24, 2013

AdFarm: Soybeans Blooming, but Dry

The AdFarm soybean field is green and growing.
Farmer Fred and the gang have been tending it, there are few weeds.
It is not a picture perfect crop, just as it has not been a picture perfect season. It is now quite dry in the field, which discourages white mold, but allows insects, including grasshoppers to develop. Grasshoppers are in the area and our crop scout has given us warning to watch the fields.
 The soybean plants are blooming.
Their subtle lavender blossoms remain tucked in close to the stem of the plant as they bloom. 
 The soybeans are bred to produce in tough conditions, so despite the negatives that the season has brought, the plants battle on.
 Rain makes grain, and soybeans, as well. In order for these plants to form pods and fill with beans, we need rain. There have been showers in the area, but not over our fields. 
In 2012 we weathered a dry season with regular short showers. This season, few showers, sometimes just a splattering of drops. This week the temperatures have cooled into the seventies and the nights have been dewy which helps the plants cope.  
AdFarmers, do a rain dance for your soybeans in GriggsDakota.

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