Tuesday, July 30, 2013

About the Clouds, Not the Barley

At first glance, you will assume this is another post about the barley. 
 There is a lot of barley in GriggsDakota this season.
It is nearly ready to harvest. 
This post is about the clouds in the sky. We need the rain, rather desperately.  
 As long as the barley is standing, and not quite ripe, the rain will not damage the barley crop and it would rescue the rest of the crops. Of course, the chance of rain brings with it the chance of hail. Hail would certainly damage the barley.
So we would like the clouds to thicken up and rain, and not bring hail.
Of course, the joke is:
"If you really want rain, swath the barley. That will bring the rain." 
 Possibly true, it seems to go that way in farming. 
The sloughs and creeks are drying out, we need rain from these clouds on this night, but we don't need hail.
After today, one way or another it will be all about the barley in GriggsDakota.


  1. My Dad was a farmer in South Dakota---I remember very well the 'weather' days - waiting for rain, hoping it won't hail, and the disheartened feeling when it stormed/rained after the alfalfa had been cut, raked, waiting to be baled.

  2. Good luck getting a "good rain" instead of something harsher. I had the pleasure of rain overnight. Woke up and smiled as it had been too long coming here too!