Thursday, June 20, 2013

What is a Fertilizer Skip?

Look closely at the barley in the foreground. 
Do you see the yellowed leaves? Those plants are short of Nitrogen. 
 Our best efforts sometimes yield less than perfect results. This small skip is not of major concern, but will serve as an example of why we apply fertilizer.
The skipped plants are scrawny with narrow leaves. 
 Narrow leaves absorb less of what they need from the air and sunshine. In general the plant is less healthy that those that are properly nourished.
 Compare them to these well fertilized plants. 
Notice that each plant has more and wider leaves. 
 They make a lush carpet in the barley field.
With our stated goal of growing crops to help feed a hungry world, we use fertilizer to achieve that goal. 
The sky was so interesting that I found myself studying the cloud formations. Anybody see fighter planes? 
The green on the ground in these fields is encouraging when so many crops are not out of the ground enough to notice as we drive by.
The barley continues to grow in GriggsDakota.

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