Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Helicopters in the Sky, Power Lines are Being Strung

 I told you last Fall about the Power Lines being built in GriggsDakota.
This Summer it has become a common sight for helicopters to be hovering and working in the area. 
 The bird on the left is racing to learn what is going on in his sky. There are two men hanging from the lower right arm of the pole. They will mount the item that is hanging from the helicopter just as they did on the arm above them.
 We are not allowed to get close to their work site. They close off access roads. The helicopter also strings the line. It is amazing and dramatic to observe. 
We had some of the guys from the crew stop at our Lutheran Ladies Lunch stand on Saturday. They were cheerful and friendly as they ordered sandwiches and pie at noon. They were planning to eat turkey in the park that night. They were enthusiastic and glad to be working.
 Their youthful enthusiasm made me reconsider my disdain for the power poles that I see every day. Young people with good jobs are what we need in this country. The power line seems like less of an eyesore and more of our responsibility as part of America. We want the lights to burn brightly.
So, we will try to get used to the power lines in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Yes, we have this same thing going on here. We almost lost our ranch though to eminent scarry - especially since we are still in the process of building our ranch house... The Lord showed us mercy and the lines are now going up along the major freeway of I-10 and as ugly as they are, I am thrilled to be worry free again that we can continue our future home! What's that saying? Everything changes... :)