Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Finally Sunshine

Jake is running a Salford RTS over ground that is being farmed for the first time in many years.
 Casey is also running a Salford on the other side of the field.
This ground has had a 15 year rest while it was in the Conservation Reserve Program. We visited here last Fall when Farmer Fred was breaking the CRP sod with the Wishek disc and Jake was moving bales. Visit Beautiful November by clicking on the link. 
After the initial sod busting, the Salford RTS is used to chop the roots and grass. 
It takes a few passes, usually three times over the field, to get the ground into planting shape after being in CRP, which is planted as a grassland.
 The action of the Salford RTS is chopping when the rolling discs cut through the surface. It then smooths the surface with the harrow teeth and rolling baskets at the rear of the implement.
Time out.
Let's admire the sky and the green on the ground. 
This is a rare day with just a slight breeze and perfect skies.
The sunshine brought the temperatures up into the seventies.
Buzzer sounds, time out is over. Back to business. 
In the foreground you see ground that has had three Salford passes. Behind it, the Salford has been over the surface only once. 
We are optimistic that we may get this field finished if the rain stays away for a couple of days. 
Although things didn't go as planned this Spring, getting the ground seeded would be a major accomplishment in GriggsDakota.

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