Thursday, June 27, 2013

Barley in the Boot

The dark green color and the wide leaves indicate a healthy barley field. When the softness of the leaves gives way to a spiked appearance in the barley field, it is time to check the boot.
Farmer Fred pulls up one plant at random. The roots are well developed and there is evidence of two tillered plants. That means a main plant and two small plants that may produce additional barley seeds to increase yield, all grew from one planted seed. The tillered plants have not begun to produce seed heads. Their success will depend on available nutrients, water, and temperature as the Summer progresses. 
The immature head is still forming inside the sleeve of the main stem. We refer to that as "in the boot." Farmer Fred uses his fingernail to slice through the stem fiber to expose the barley head.
It is long and well formed. Things are looking good in the barley field. 
Barley in the boot means heads should be popping out next week in GriggsDakota.

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  1. I shall show this to my farmer as it is an expression we don't have here. Looks a super crop.