Friday, June 7, 2013

Applying Liquid Fertilizer to Barley

This barley is tender and tasty, but needs fertilizer. 
The old tanker trucks are driving back and forth to the fields. 
We are working between rains to supply fertilizer to our emerging small grains. 
The tanker semi is waiting on the road for our truck to leave the yard. 
Along with the tank, the truck box contains the pump and hoses needed to fill the RedBall Sprayer with liquid nitrogen. 
 The semi pulls in and will unload into our empty tanks.
The semis arrive regularly through the days of fertilizer application from our supplier, who keeps in close contact with Farmer Fred by cell phone.
The barley is enjoying our cool weather. 
It has plenty of moisture with our abundance of rain. 
Farmer Fred unfolds his sprayer. 
The folding is controlled hydraulically from the tractor cab. 
Soon the sprayer arms are low and level. 
The nitrogen comes out in a stream that does not drift. There isn't wind today, but wind direction and speeds are monitored and recorded by the operator in the tractor cab. Satellite guidance systems ensure that there are no overlaps or skips in coverage of the product being applied.
In the coming days, as the barley absorbs its fertilizer, it will turn a lush green color. 
 Our farm is like a giant garden that needs constant tending through the growing season.
The barley is green and growing in GriggsDakota.

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  1. Hi Jane. After reading an article in the Times newspaper this morning saying that the internet has made little difference to the way folk interact, I determined to spread my net wider. To this end I clicked on 'next blog' and you came up. So hello from a farm in the Yorkshire Dales in the UK - a small, typical 100 acre sheep farm - all grassland - couldn't be more different from your set up. I enjoyed reading about it all. Do pop over and see me sometime.