Friday, June 28, 2013

An Afternoon with the Ag Analyst

Getting the mail is a very important job on the farm.
The Ag Analyst is certain that she can get it by herself.
Hmm, she looks for another way in. 
Finding none, she continues the battle. 
Just a little bit taller, just a little bit stronger. 
OK, you can come and help me now.
What shall we do next? 
We can make silly faces at one another. 
Luckily, I have the camera and she doesn't.
 The Ag Analyst did a search through a box of boots and found her brother's old water boots.
Remarkably, they seem to have no holes in them. 
They keep her feet completely dry.
Great for splashing in the fresh rainwater.
She wants me to join her and my heart skips a beat.
Life by the ditch is kind of like life on the beach when you spend the afternoon with the Ag Analyst in GriggsDakota