Tuesday, June 4, 2013

AdFarm Soybean Field Planted

We continue to plant whenever and wherever we can. Recently we planted the soybeans on the AdFarm field. 
Both Concord Air Till Drills were on the job while planting the Asgrow 0231 Soybean seed. The days in GriggsDakota have been dark, but I hope that you can see one drill working on the left and one on the right of the photo above.
It is cold in GriggsDakota. Lows have been in the thirties, not much chance to warm the soil. We are doing our best to get the 2013 crop into the ground. Now that it is June, the remainder of our planting will be soybeans. 
Soybeans were the crop that we planned to plant on this ground, but the variety is earlier maturing. The rain has been spitting and spattering, but not soaking us yet.
 If you would like to learn about Raising Soybeans Through the Seasons, Click on the link. We don't know what this season holds for our crop, but the link will show you what we hope will happen as we go through the Summer and harvest Soybeans in the Fall.
It is important to get the larger rocks picked off the bean fields. The combine heads must cut close to the ground while harvesting in order to capture all of the soybean crop.
We followed the rock picker with a pass using the rock roller. Learn more by visiting the link. The roller presses the smaller rocks into the soil where they will remain through this growing season in GriggsDakota. 

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  1. Impressive - you're big time farmers! We still do things on a very small scale and I'm about to head out the door and go weed the Luffa field. Enjoy your posts! -Carole